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2002 Cousin Reunion created for Doris Kowalski Mangum

Left photo shows L-R == Ronald Daley, Doris Kowalski Mangum, Frank Labigang, Margaret Tilman Wise
and Lorraine Castelin Cuevas on June 12 2002.
Photo on Right shows L - R == Doris Kowalski Mangum, Frank William Labigang, and Margaret Tilman Wise.
Doris reported that Doris and Margaret are 2nd cousins:
Carrie & Jennie Labigang are sisters.   
Doris and Frank are 1st cousins (1 time removed)   
Johnny & Jennie Labigang are brother and sister.  
Frank and Margaret are 1st cousins (1 time removed)   
Johnny and Carrie are brother and sister.
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